Have you felt the pinch yet!

Felt the pinch yet!Social and economic regeneration is turning ripples into gigantic waves.
More and more people are finding themselves in difficult situations due to changes to the benefits system.
Thousands of people have had housing entitlements drastically reduced leaving them with short falls greater than their incomes. In other cases Room Tax Is also applied.

There is a huge shortage of housing available in many communities yet councils have sold off most of there land to the private sector. Whom I might add are not building properties to house vulnerable people in our communities


Now private landlords are being helped to evict tenants easier and have been warned not to take people on benefits
According to UK largest supplier of food banks the Trussell Trust 40.000 people used food banks in 2012-2013 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22717665

Where are they to live?

It’s easy to pass comment when you’re not in these situations.
Merge the changes to benefits with changes to housing and work agency’s now merge with the implementation of strict entry requirements and the rise in course fees, what are people to do if they have incomplete educational history’s or perhaps gaps in there work history or no work history.

There are thousands of Britons who can’t get bank accounts because they can’t afford to spend money to get the ID required such as a pass port or even a drivers license’ not to mention people with no official fixed abode.

How much help will you get

Did you know a non-dependents income is used in your calculation if you apply for some if not all benefits?

Community shut down

Hospitals, fire stations, local libraries, youth centers after school clubs, all being shut down in a community near you.

Many people are no longer entitled to legal aid for housing disputes
Please make sure to keep up with rent and mortgage payments, you can still be taken to court for repossession regardless of setting up an agreed payment plan. If you have an arranged payment plan stick to it! If for any reason should you deviate from the plan please contact your housing advisor, tell them when you will be able to resume payments.

More and more people are out of work’ How long will your savings last!
Are your affairs in order?
Are your Identification, insurances and licence document up to date?
Are you living in your overdraft?

If you have not felt the pinch in your pocket be mindful talk with your partner or family members, know the financial health of your house hold. Never suffer in silence. The road a head for many will be very challenging and difficult at times, try not to panic !
with a little bit of planning you can prepare your self and family for change.

New to today Job market

It must be stressful to enter an unfamiliar jobs market. You will need to learn how to promote your key skills and insure they can be relevantly matched to the position you are interested in. if you are in need of gaining experience, there are a number of options available to you. Volunteering is a good way to lean new skills and get familiar with the work environment.

Don’t worry there are support groups in all community’s to help you.
Find courses, vacancies, work based training, qualifications and voluntary organizations.

Think Realistically

Think about working for your self maybe starting an online business.
A business can be cleaning front of house gardens or setting up window cleaning services. Think realistically. Check your local council website for more information.
Ask your self if you are ready for an interview?
Do you have appropriate clothing ?
What will you say when asked if you have a criminal record spent or un-spent?
Do you know What to bring to an interview?
Who can be used as a reference?

Check out the following links for more information
I will be posting a series of blogs called plan your escape make the time and check them out. Stay well and remember some one some where cares xxx

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