You have a choice !


Dear fellow Londoner’s


After days of crisis talks officials agree to shelve the program for six months and to launch a publicity campaign explaining the scheme and ensuring individuals are aware of their right to opt out


You may or may not know as of  March  31st 2014 our ‘anonymised’ medical records were  due to be  provided by your GP to The Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Any one can access your information if you d not opt out!

When your medical records are uploaded it is impossible for them to be removed.

It is in your interests to tell your GP you wish to opt out so your information is not accessible to the public. Once opted out you can opt in if you choose to at a later date. Get the form for you and your children and ask your doctors to copy and stamp it once complete.

An opt-out form available in .pdf, .doc or .rtf format is available from medConfidential

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