Changes To UK Job Market

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E-Resume Formats


It can be difficult to stand out in a competitive market place.
Conventional CVs are pretty much redundant, you will find you send out hundreds of CV’s and get back little or no results.
Did you know your CV can be drastically altered if uploaded in the wrong format.
Conventional CV Structures are mostly in human form. This basically mean to be read  as a hard copy by a human being.
If you like most people these days intend to upload your CV to an online recruitment company  you will need to make sure its in scanable form.
A scannable CV/Resume are viewed by a computer using the document imaging technology (know as optical character recognition, or OCR)
This allows employers to store and search databases electronically, CV’s should be no more than two pages.

You do not have to change the font size to fit your life’s history.
Down size your information to a minimum of five years and maximum ten years.
To further condense your input focus on essentials, 
Remove primary education even collage if attended 15 or more years ago. It’s key to showcase your skills set in a current light. Match key skills to the person specification of your desired vacancy.
Your skills need to match an employers required specifications, Invest in more than one CV. Insure each one lists keys skills that are relevant to the position you are applying to.
Gaps in your education or work history can cause a few issues when applying for a job vacancy, don’t worry It really just means making a few changes, Perhaps you will benefit from changing titles such as work experience to key skills and so on. Remove days and months from your CV if you have gaps in your work history. You will still have to add the year you gained your skills set, as recruiters will want to know that your skills are current and relevant.

Create a plan of action to prepare your self for change. Decide what career path is right for you. Be very honest. Don’t feel you have to start back at one. You will need to define your starting point and take it from there.
Take care to begin preparing your self mentally before adding information to your plan. It can be upsetting to realize the magnitude of your circumstances. Remember what you are doing will help you to get to a better place by moving forward with your aspirations.

Identify Your Strengths,

No matter how insignificant you think you’re skills are add them to your plan, Maybe your have good budgeting skills, perhaps you have great culinary skills


I know some of you have picked up a few habits that in one way or another hinder your progress I.E Comfort eating, drinking, smoking.
 Take better care of your health, identify your dependencies and actively reduce your participation.

Choose Your Direction

Do you lack experience in subject areas of interest? 
Have you thought of volunteering in your local community? 
Perhaps you are interested in learning a trade or you want to be come your own boss?

Time Management

Set aside time just to work on your plan. This can be half hour a day. Begin your days with a positive mindset. Get up early take a nice brisk shower put on some comfy clothing, perhaps place a cushion on your chair, clear a space or sit at your dinner table or computer desk, some where you have room to put writhing pad pens or laptop computer.


Anxiety fear, stress all play a big part in hindering progress.
 Focus on your strengths; consider your health, age ability’s, and learning difficulties. Once you have all this listed down take your time, review your plan and underline everything you consider being a hindrance.


It can be easy to let your self go when you have limited resources, but you are now embarking on a new chapter in your life and will need to reflect a positive image.

Start with the basics

It is important to be clean. wash your hair, brush your teeth trim or cut facial hair if unruly.

Clean under your nails. Look through your clothes and see if you have the right clothing to attend an interview.

Be prepared

You don’t need to break the bank or cause your self any stress over what to wear, Start with the basics. Black or grey trousers or formal aline skirt, white shirt, and black or grey shoes.

You can add a formal jacket and tie if you have one. These items of clothing are needed to help you to positively represent yourself.


Prepare for an interview


To find out how to create a scannable CV

Check out the following link:

3 thoughts on “Changes To UK Job Market

  1. I had hadn’t realised that cv’s were being computer scanned!! I’m gonna remove the excess years of experience on mine and take it down from four pages to two and see if I get on any better.
    I’ll let you know, thanks for the easy digest advice.

    Liked by 1 person

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