Are You Working On Your Plan







Are You Working On Your Escape!

Its not about your Swag!

Yes I think we should address these growing unspoken issues.

Youngsters we love ya’ cant live with out you and you are the future. Just want to make that clear.

Now Creative verbal expression or Communication styles are interesting and can be considered fun to some, but in certain setting it is not acceptable at all. Don’t be fooled by an employee who attempts to talk a little street with you, you are not in the same situation, they are employed and you seek to become employed.


I get that you have become accustomed to talking in flamboyant and individual styles but here in the UK if you don’t know I’m here to tell you, soon as some of you open your mouths your interview was over. Greetings are to be formal extend your hand and make eye contact, calmly say hello and follow with an introduction of who you are. Under no circumstances are you to forget your self and get comfortable.


You don’t like how you look in fitted trousers and feel uncomfortable, so you loosen your belt and hang em low, pull your tie out like you’ve had a hard day. You feel bare so you put in your big ass sparkly diamanté studded earrings. Perhaps you hit the trees (Marijuana) to calm your nerves,

Then get to your interview late and act like your annoyed because your made to wait as some one else has taken your place. You finally get called in to the interview room you walk in, cut eyes at the interviewer and slouched back in a  chair with your legs as far apart as humanly possible, and respond to the very first question about your journey to the interview by saying it was cool still!!

I swear if you ever feel a fly hit you on your cheek Visualize me willing the fly to bitch slap you.

Fix up where do you think you are. It’s that same attitude that cut your education short and created the gaps in your work history in the first place what don’t you know!

If you have been following  my previous  blogs such as “Plan Your Escape” you should have started your plan for change that I like to call a life plan of action. You should also have addressed your online presences, made amendments to your cv/resume and know what to expect regarding online recruitment tests. You should also know to present your self in the standard professional uniform.  Lets see what else…

Body Language

Less than 10% of communication comes from the words we say, the rest is all down to physical gestures, how we move, sit, hold our bodies. Your questers should be open, expressive, greet the interviewer first by standing don’t hold your hand out from the chair your sitting in, get up’ make eye contact look at the interviewer when looked at, don’t be scared to look away keep it casual.

Extend your hand and smile. Say hello and introduce your self unless the interviewer called your attention by name.

Don’t say hay or Hi names so and so’ state your name and simply but formally, say hello my name is.

Make steady eye contact as it conveys a sense of confidence don’t over do it and think you have to stare them out, Just relax and try to engage the interviewer by demonstrating curiosity and enthusiasm.

Research the company or position your interviewing for, Sit up, never slouch and try not to fidget when reponding to questions. Playing with your hair or touching your face can make you seem nervous unsure or even dishonest. I suggest you get someone to help you or just use a camera phone to record your self so you can see if your displaying a few negative B.L cues. (Body language) Match your facial expressions with your words. Basically don’t say you’re happy and frown, thats not going to go down well.

According to researches, the first impression is based on the following:

• 55% of the visual effects, such as suit or dress, body language or mode of expression,

• 38% tone of voice, or the way you talk, and,

• 7% of what you say.

For more Info Check out:

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