Time To Cut Back


Time To Cut BackAre you currently feeding The Mouth (Your House) more than your self!

Are you in a transition period?

are your savings  dwindling?

worried how your going to  cope?

Don’t worry you will be fine, you just need to adapt to your current or coming situation,

If you are in a position to prepare I have a few suggestions that will help you through the transition process. There are many things to consider, your situation will mean your funds are limited. You need to pay attention of the basic household needs,

Start with your Gas and electric,

If you have prepayment meters you need to work out how much you spend per month on each. You can contact your energy supplier and ask for an itemized payment statement, this will help you to know how much you will need to pay to keep you power on in advance. Try to give your self a head start. Check out this site for tips on saving energy: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Take-action/Energy-saving-top-tips

If you are on quarterly energy payments, it could be an idea to switch to meters, although the switch is not the cheapest option, you will not have to worry about high bills or struggling to repay. On meters you are in control of your usage.

Alternatively you can switch energy suppliers. For more information check out your options at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/you-switch-gas-electricity

Households necessities

Now this may sound trivial but can really cut into your budget.

You may not realize how much you spend on cleaning products and can’t see how you can make a saving here but you Can. Are you always running out of washing up liquid, or soap powder. You might do well to buy bulk or industrial size products from places such as Costco’s http://m.costco.com

Keep your empty bottles and refill them at will, alternatively you can find your favorite branded items at your local 99p store.

Also try visiting alternative super stores such as  Aldi , this is a good place to start,

Aldi is one of the fastest growing major food retailer in Briton with over 13million people buying grocerys last year in just 12 weeks, http://download.businesscasestudies.co.uk/retrieve_aldi_18_YWxkaS9jYXNlLXN0dWRpZXMvMTgvZnVsbC5wZGZ8fA=

Aldi Selling :           9 Toilet Rolls for £1.99

Morrisons Selling:    9 Toilet Rolls for £3.50

Asda Selling :           9 Toilet Rolls for £4.00

If  you can’t get to a wholesalers store you can pop to your local Tesco’s, they are currently Selling:                     24 Toilet Rolls for £10.00

For more price comparison deals check out : www.mysupermarket.co.uk

The above is an example of household produces that can be purchased in bulk which will free up some money to spend or save for other necessities.

If you are used to stepping out of your car an strolling over to one store for all your needs you might find it a little trying to suddenly start walking to different places for your groceries but there is one big plus to changing the way you shop, “Health” You will get a free work out and could even loose a few pounds if need be.

I’m not saying ditch your cars and struggle home on foot, weighed down with bags. But walking to and from different stores with fruit and veg from market stools to your car will certainly improve your energy and fitness levels and could even tone you up. Just a thought

Other household needs

Light bulbs

Dish sponges



Bin liners

Air fresheners

Floor cleaners

Furniture polish


Pet litter/foods

so on and so forth.

Not only can you find any of these items and much more at your local 99p store, you can stock up on them from now. So that when your spends are reduced you will still have the essentials to continue to run your household in the style your accustomed to.

Ok so far we have Covered Household energy, groceries and cleaning products what can you think of next!

Appliance usage

Do you have a Dishwasher, Drier, and Washing machine, slow cooker or Microwave oven? If so then its time to limit your beloved kitchen items from the electrical food supply, Its time to turn off and un plug the items that are not in use, except those that are meant to be permanently switched on (like the fridge) Avoid overloading electric sockets or hiding leads and cables under carpets or rugs because you won’t be able to see if they become damaged.

Set the timer on your heating or boiler to come on

Between 6AM – 8AM

And  from 6PM-8PM

Setting the timer for your heating and hot water will save on your energy bills. You can set the timer to suit your needs. If you have a two or more person house hold limit the time spent in the shower in the morning to 20 minutes each or under, this will leave enough hot water in your tank to wash any dishes from the morning breakfast. And allow you to give the bath and sink a once over after showers.


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