Bailiffs Are Now Enforcement Agents

 Bailiffs  Become Enforcement Agents


From April 6th 2014 Bailiffs will be called Enforcement Agents EA

Possession Orders etc will cease to exist and will now be replaced by ‘The Taking Control of Goods Regulations’


Fees are likely to increase significantly for most people.

Engage with the EA’s at the earliest possible opportunity. Consider your finances, make a realistic repayment offer in wrighting, send a postal order or arrange to set up a standing order. When making a repayment offer in writing make sure to attach your first payment as good will gesture. State how often you will be sending your set or arranged amount in Oder to clear any out standing debts.

Please do not ignore requests for payment as you could incur further charges and loose your assets. Any debt under the old system will conclude under the current system.

£235 fees can be charged once your at the enfacement stage plus 7% of any debt over £1500.

Some bailiff companies have already stated their intent to charge the new fees from April 6th.
This is wrong! The Legal beagles will help you fight any company that tries to apply charges unfairly. For more info please view original post by The Legal Beagles website

For info on the main bailiff charges from April 6th check out the links below




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