Simple steps for setting Goals

Seeking out the “bigger Picture” in Your life.

Simple steps for setting Goals Time is best spent focused on the things we want to achieve in life. be they big or small the very first step is knowing.

you have to see your life in terms of the things you want ” the bigger picture” then work backwards setting out each step required to acomplish those very things, broken down and planned into day by day, hour by hour steps all leading to that very thing you seek.

Goal Setting;

once you have decided upon a goal you wish to achieve, take a step back from the the goal and plan out the journey you are going to undertake  to do so. that very journey will be the steps you need to focus on one at a time. for instance consider;

Goal: to get a job in administration

step 1: find out what comapanies in a 10 mile distance have/use administrators

step 2: how am i going to approach those companies? speculative emails? telephone calls etc

step 3:thinking of yourself, how are you going to fit into the role? for example what kind of clothes you’ll need, what kind of attitude you’ll have even what hairstyle etc since it all counts when your trying to represent yourself in a good light and considering such things can help you to see yourself positively in the role in the future in turn making it more likely that youll be confident and prepared when you actually do start working.

step 4: Making Applications. set out a time frame for approaching the companies found in step 1. plan to contact them at a partiular time and on a particular day and stick to it. remember the first time you’ll most likely be nervous in which case its best sometimes to start off by contacting the company you are least interested in and working up to the best choice.

Note: Don’t put toUnknown much pressure on yourself, remember in life when you do somthing you can only do your best. the out come is some times not as we might hope but in the grand scheme of things we can always work around the details and learn from every experiance, move on and get better and more prepared for the next time since there is always going to be a next time.



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