Do one thing.




Daily motivation can be a struggle for a lot of job seekers. It can be hard to see your inactive time as useful when you don’t know where to start or when you have too many things to do.Yes you can

when unemployed all seemingly blend into one timeless cycle of “i have done nothing today” situations is through making sure I do at least one thing that i want (or need) to do each day.

By developing a process of activities throughout the daytime you can actually feel more accomplished and motivated.

Its always good to feel like you have achieved something even when its small it can induce a smile.

So think, “What Can I achieve tomorrow?” what am I capable of doing? There is always something even if its the laundry! Write it down, go to sleep and wake up in the morning (set your alarm if you have to!) & just be mindful of the task.

Then when you get a moment just get it done, do it and then cross it off the paper you wrote it down on. When you go to bed just take a minute to remember that today you achieved something! An achievement is an achievement, so. Forget how big or how small it was just remember you have done it and that you were capable of doing it.

When you focus to much on the scale of things at hand you can end up getting yourself into a “funk” of powerlessness and then end up procrastinating the task away, basically setting up ourselves for failure. Try not to dwell on failure focus instead on achievement, when you have done something, anything (good) take that and dwell on it instead.

Now then, write down another thing you want to do tomorrow and set your alarm.

“Happy doing”.

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