Beat Anxiety

Anxiety an invisible Enemy that creeps over you like a rain cloud that renders you weak mentally and physically.

Don't let Anxiety get the best of you

Don’t let Anxiety get the best of you

Suddenly the most mundane duties become super hard tasks, what was simple is not near possible to achieve, like falling asleep or getting out of bed, sleep deprivation further axsagerates your condition and you begin to shut your self off from socialising with family and friends, then you find your self gaining weight but think you don’t eat much,

your appearance begins to suffer, at this point you feel like a walking talking zombie, convinced no one could tell that your not quite in your right mind, you continue to try to converse with people but find people are not responding to your verbal communications as expected.

You can’t focus on what’s being said to you, you can’t take in the magnitude of any real or devastating situations, your mind is locked in pretence mode, but the reality is your walking talking but mentally your mind is fast asleep, feeling like an invisible person has taken control of your thoughts.

By this point friends had just about had enough of you and began arranging to drag you to verious places,  you make every excuse under the sun not to go but loved ones can be  persistent so you try, and you try very hard, it seemed like you have made the world of effort just to get ready then find  you have to give your self over an hour to prepare to step foot out side your comfort zone’ your lovely  home your safe haven. You didnt even realise you had  difficulty leaving your home, worst was to come, you finally  made it out into the open, enjoyed the fresh air and warm rays from the sun’ then suddenly you began to become anxious  heart starts pounding hard, the cool rays from the sun now seem to melt you causing you to sweat profusely, your  breathing becomes stifled,  as if your stuck in a sauna with a broken temperature gage.   you feel exposed in public making you panic more.

something has to give you can’t go on suffering.
your going to have to try to help your self on this one as you may all ready have realised your prescribed meds are making you feel worst and putting you through a host of side affects you could frankly do with out! Don’t start dragging your feet or over thinking things just get ready,grab ur keys were going for a walk

Introducing a few changes will go a long way to setting you free
Mark the day you intend to begin your baby steps and set about taking them.

instead of sitting up all hours of the night waiting to feel so ravished by sleep deprivation you eventually pass out,try to  make a point of going to bed, turn your TV off the lights if that helps and just lay in Your bed with your eyes closed and shut the noise from your mind, don’t think just lay there maybe hum a tune to your self, or perhaps you could dim your lights or put a bed side lamp on an get a book and lay in ur bed reading this will help settle your thoughts.  once you have successfully managed to keep to a regular sleep patten you should think about taking step 2 now this may not be every ones idea of freedom but I can assure you a little a day goes a long way, Exercise!

Half and hour or more a day can really make a difference, Take frequent showers to help you to feel relaxed and motivated lay out a comfortable out fit and go out for a walk, go you your local park, library maybe take a book some drinking water even a sandwich, or if your really feeling adventurous go for an early morning swim.

Change your eating pattern, cut out between meal snacks and take aways. try to lay off heavy meals, ration your portions, cut out the horror movies, start watching a few stand up comedians and feel good movies, reconnect with a friend or family member whom you feel comfortable around, maybe arrange to go out some were for an after noon.

what you need to do is reprogram your thoughts don’t dwell or put your self down embrace your self love your self  don’t let anxiety  call the shots you only live once.

Still struggling to sleep! Time to initiate Plan C, still wide awake, only a couple hours of sleep a night, reading in bed didn’t quite work out for you’ well today were gonna try this and see how we get on, right get in the shower get your cloths on we’re going to the local town hall, were going to go and find out what’s on offer in the community,

aim: To find info on volunteering ! You have exactly  1 hour to get ready and be at your door ready to commence operation Plan C

don’t panic were gonna try try and try as much times as it takes to find a realistic non intrusive way to get over this so don’t worry if none of the above works for you just yet.

Blustylz Galore Helping people to find will and create the way xxx

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