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Hi every one here there and everywhereLook out for each other




if you have checked us out at Jgtcre8solutions.com  you will all ready know that we are  trying to support advise and inform you, so that you can help loved ones friends  family members ,any one  who might be suffering in silence.  you can use our site  as tool and talking point to approach topics you feel  uneasy about addressing  or you worry will cause  the person you want to help some embarrassment.  We created these  posts to offer much-needed support and make realistic and achievable suggestions that could actually help people to get through a host of difficulties.

we go through the alphabet of plan Bz to soften some of the blows about to wind most communities.  we try hard to  figure out, analyse and come up with the best suggestions for the people most affected by social reform.When things become overwhelming that’s when you use your gifts to defend self, pick your own ass up and use your creative mind to recreate a new situation for your self. If circumstances  causes you to lose a few beloved material goods  than f..k  it.  So be it.  it’s nothing let it go, start again, put a plan in motion starting back at the basics.You might not know it but you have inbuilt survival skills  use them.  remember you’re self and the real strength of your character.  If you are facing difficulties that just seem beyond you right now, I can only tell you that your stronger than you know. You can get through this and start again. Your gonna need your wits about you, get informed, conduct a little research, keep your will you shall find the way.


Unmentioned Situations

Believe it or not young and single mothers  are targeted by men who have  adopted to taking up refuge with females with their own place, this is a growing problem as men are not in the position to get housed. there is a shortage of homes available to single men. Now the problem here is landlords know that some female tenants have un declared partners residing at their properties and have begun a series of dawn raids in an attempt to prove a violation of agreement between landlord and registered tenant. This could lead to eviction and loss of benefits if any are being calmed. Realise your local council has no responsibility to house some one evicted through tenancy violation as they will view the situation as you made your self intentionally homeless.

What are men to do. Most homeless agencies only help people 25 and under, any older than that support is limited. Tenants  who have  a spear room are being charged  room tax for under occupancy but are hindered from sub letting. Council or housing association tenant do not have the option to sublet, and private landlords are no longer accepting tenants who are on housing benefits. estate agents are asking for extortionate deposits and require two  references from  previous landlords just to get a room for 12 months.

look out for each other.  spoken or unspoken hard times will be felt by all.

My Ladies

I know it is hard to make ends meet and think  things could improve if you had a partner, this could possibly work out in many cases but be mindful and take time in getting to know a man properly before you introduce him into your world. You know what I’m actually dancing around the bush so let me come right out and say this.

Stop acting so desperate and needy, some of you out here are not happy not in productive relationships and are not getting any type of support other than perhaps  bedroom action now and then, stop acting like you have no sense or  the man your clinging to so over hard will suddenly change and you both will live happily ever after! not going to happen. To the die-hard Cling on’s’  Ok  hopefully  eventually one day maybe possibly you could end up together, Im speechless. there are no word’s to get through to you, just how much you thow away  living your life down  trodden and  disrespected loosing your esteem and self-respect,i know some women have the  fairy tale saying from that childhood dream wedding to prince charming echoed into their hears and minds “IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD” These words were once linked with happiness love now act as some kind of  sacrifice condemning  high numbers of females both young and old to exists in isolated  sadness,violence and abuse. unbelievable right, ever wonder why some  females  who have never been abuses of treated badly don’t run for the hills when faced with spousal  abuse. or how through swollen bloody lips some will still confess love for their abuser.

Mothers, fathers

watch your daughters and son’s talk to them one on one,  are they making excuses for bruises, have you seen unexplained scratches ? are they avoiding eye contact with you.  Hows your grandchild doing, have you had the all important grand parent chat and created a save me word that lets your loved one know its safe to tell you any secrets?  treating  your new  mr wonderful as potential step father to your child or children is normal progression in a blended relationship however did you know there are reports on men who have no history of child offences  speaking out. Calming to  have never had any type of sexual attraction to children  but admitted they had been aroused in different ways by a child. one man whose identity was withheld  stated that he had felt aroused by  a child innocently sitting on his lap. be informed.

My Fee lions know your worth

in your own right you graduated, got that job, and maintain your place your car. no there isn’t one thing missing no you don’t need…  Save, create a life plan, invest, sort out life and home insurance.  spend time with your family, lean you, no need advertise or try to attract, what will be will be

i understand the hair thing to an extent, even the nails and eyelash craze. Girls have been playing dress up from the moment they could put feet in mom’s heels, but some of you are taking it to far, looking like complete  show characters! Do you not realise the characters your mimicking  do not work in any other industry other than music and  entertainment. you look dumbed down. a lot of you spend so much on so-called brazilian hair you don’t even get it cut or styled just have it lame down to your knees. I don’t know if this is some new trend or what but whats with  leaving out a little dry puff of real hair at the parting do you know how nuts that looks. Spend a little time blending your hair to match the weave. it’s getting a bit difficult to hold back from laughing out loud, i don’t want to embarrass any one I’m not talking for talk sake. Why are so many of you “Acting”super-duper nice, looking like your on display for sale! every single female world-wide has batty and breasts  are you not use to male attention from young, then again  maybe you’re not !!!

Have confidence in your self  by all means but i think  some of you are failing your selves. You leave nothing to the emanation, you pose no challenge and are easily replaceable treated like your only fit for purpose. who do you thinks gonna go into a store pick the best cake eat it in the store and go and pay for the packaging and take it home ? come on. stop acting be your self, maintain some dignity and class. remember there’s a time and place.

struggling  to cover the rent

if you are struggling to pay your rent for any reason you need to get a file and keep all correspondence between your self and your landlord, housing benefits agency, job centre and tax office. Get a copy of your rent records or payment schedule and contact your housing office to make an appointment to see a debt adviser, before you go make sure to get copy’s of all your operational bank statements, preferably covering the past three months in some cases six months.

Work out how much you can realistically repay off the out standing rental debt. Know you will have to agree to continue to make your usual full rent payment as well as the negotiated amount towards the debt its self. You might find yourself left with little or nothing in order to make the full payment plus.

Please note failure to stick to the plan will render it null in void, regardless if you begin payments weeks later. You will have to get confirmation that a new plan is agreed or that you can remain on the same agreement, get it in writing. Don’t just take the word of the voice on the other end of the phone. If your arrears are high and you’re struggling to pay your rent and have made no payments towards arrears then you’re in a difficult situation and will need to seek advice from the citizens advice bureau. In most cases your landlord will give you time to bring your rent accent into order,  failing to do so prompt  further requests for payment. If court proceeding are brought against you and your argument is that your housing benefits haven’t been paid yet or that you benefits were stopped and this is the reason for the incurred arrears I’m here to tell you as true and distressing this might be it will not stop your landlord seeking repossession.

However the judge will look at your financial situation and could order that you stick to an affordable repayment plan along as the full regular rental charges are being met. But if deviated from you will lose your place. Don’t panic. I know it can be very disheartening to struggle and still not seem to make any headway. You will get there work out how long it will take you to repay the arrears and have enough to pay your rent. Make sure not to devote more than you can afford. Having a time line will help you to know when the thresh of homelessness is no longer and you can then move on to applying the money you relayed your arrears with to another debt that is causing issues in your life. Eventually you will be back on track.

The search for work

Job-hunting after long spells of unemployment in its self-cause distress because people might not be   familiar with the protocol, don’t worry there is an abundance of information out there to help you. If you have a lack of work history that you can add to your CV then this is where your going to need to focus your energies, still haven’t gotten a job yet, no worries in the mean time it is advisable that you make the time to get training, volunteer or go on a skills based course, don’t want you to think its ok to lie on your CV because you know some one who has, what there not telling you is that they risk being found out and once that happens they can suddenly be terminated with out pay. if you have been utilising your natural talents and feel you have a service to offer then why not set up as self-employed. You can actually get a lot of support from start-up to operation so look into that, check out my sites links page.


With love people  some
where some one cares xxx

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