British gas company’s will obtain access to your home if your in or not if you fail to keep appointments!

Did you know they can also give access to enforcements officers wile in attendance at your home!

Did you know you will be required to cover any fees added to your debt by the enforcement agency and any additional court cost. E.A Fees range from £75 to £255

before any payment is applied to your debt all allocated fees need to be recovered first and this is exactly how more and more charges will continue to be applied!

Did you know you could actually loose your house for outstanding debts from as little as £1000

Did you know that bailiffs were now called enforcement agents/ officers

Did you know your wage can be garnished to recover an out standing debt, an yes you could be left with next to nothing regardless of any financial commitments you might have

Did you know enforcement agents/ officers will value your belongings at a depreciated rate, and have been known to evaluate expensive items worth over £1000 as now worth £75

Did you know enforcement agents have been found to operate with traffic Officers seemingly appearing out the blue seeking to recover any outstanding debts you may have. This type of set up can directly lead to you losing your vehicle on the spot to the enforcement agent/ officer regardless if you use your vehicle for work purposes.

For more information go to jgtcre8solutions.com

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