True Blu Story’s Fake friends

Do you have fake friends? Mines names are Stress and Anxiety!

I can say with sincerity they get on my last nerve!

If I didn’t know better i’d be convinced their trying to mad me. You see Stress Likes to come around from time to time but I’m not to keen, I never invit stress cause no matter how happy the atmosphere, predictable stress never fails to drain every last drop of positive from the air i breath!

Don’t know why these two like me because I’m not a fan! Specially when there both together. It’s funny because I try to avoid them at all costs, there like sniffer dogs, the worst thing is my reaction when in there presence! I use to just get nervous but not now, now I get real short real quick, feel like I’m about to explode.
Fed right up at the slightest interference in my harmonious mind set. I must have gone to some new unfamiliar level with these fakes.

The sleep thing I mentioned in a previous post I’m managing well, but it’s like soon as I Conquered one issue another appeared before me like a row of hurdles.

So to any one out there with the same two fakes haunting them, keep your head up stay productive and continue to put out positive energy. Bottom line goodness will prevail!

By Blustylz Galore


One thought on “True Blu Story’s Fake friends

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