True Blu Story’s Troubled Thoughts!

Troubled Thoughts!

There’s so much important things runing around my mind, it’s like the more enlightened you become the more fragile your state of mind, it’s a shock to see the world with out rose tinted glasses

“The great puppet show “
the whole performance revealed before the end of the film, so to speak, really puts things in prospective. You have so many questions trying to connect the dots mentally so you your self have some degree of understanding, but the more you search for the truth the realisation of depth begins to reveal a level the human mind can not comprehend.

Ever heard the expression How deep the rabbit whole goes!
Thing is here there and every where are in dialectic strong holds and as far as I can tell there is no escaping and no place to hide. Standards are different in different places each has commands to abide by and to carry out by any means.
Some still have the luxury of turning blind eyes or actively dumbing down, believe me you will have to find a new tree to hide under soon enough! What you see is what you will get!

Empathy compassion among the few human traits to be eradicated! I see titles playing an important part in separation,weakening human beings like sheep dancing to any turn the pied piper choses to play!

I’m still puzzled by the lack of love where is it! Incarcerated, evaporated or did it die out from the heart rentching painful energy created when the world cry’s
Is it a crime to feel sadness for lost lives and frightened victims of war torn country’s. will a judgment be against you for shedding tears for innocent lives lost. No matter what the images you see on your beloved tell lie vision I promise you the grass is not greener on any side!

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