Have You Had You’re Benefits Stopped!

Have you been invited to a Health Care Capabilities Assessment

Have you been invited to a Health Care Capabilities Assessment

Have you been told you do not have any or enough points? Has your Benefits been stopped including council tax or Housing benefit entitlement?

Failed the ATOS or Capita Health care capabilities Assessment? Don’t panic I know all to well its easier said than done, however you need to focus in order to help your situation.

First things first, talk to your family, a close friend or a home-helper if you have one. Let them know what you’re going through. If your Disability, Mental or physical condition affects your daily living activities and you have been stuck off your DLA and have now been instructed to contact the Unemployment agency to apply for ESA, but feel you have been unjustly evaluated and your health issues have been unfairly scored you have the option to request Reconsideration! If this is what you intend to do it is advised that you contact your GP make an appointment at your earliest convenience. Ask your Health Care Provider for assistance in detailing the affects of your current medical issues, including the affect of the medication you are prescribed.

If you presented your medical documents at the Health care capabilities assessment previously you will need to ask your HCP or GP to provide you with a record of your treatment history and the notes listing the affects your particular illness has on your health and ability to carry out everyday tasks. If you have a home-helper or caregiver, ask them to write a statement detailing the support you receive. Contact your local CAB or your local welfare rights office. They can help and assist you with your reconsideration request. Make copies of all the documents you intend to send with your reconsideration request.

Call the DWP make a note of the advising officers name and contact extension. Request they send you a written statement of reason for the decision reached. Ask the adviser to send you the GL24 Form and a copy of the ESA85 assessors report. Inform the DWP adviser that you intend to seek reconsideration of your ATOS or Capita assessment decision. Ask to be put on the Assessment Rate during the appeals process.

The Assessment rate will allow you to retain the allowance you received towards rent and council tax prior to your benefits being suspended. Make copies of both the GL24 Form And the ESA85 Report, write down what you believe to be 1-inaccurate 2- assumed 3- untrue Create a list of all the discrepancies you wish to dispute, then underline all that you feel to be untrue, assumptions and inaccuracies in the ESA85 Report, under each heading make a note of What and Why.To back up each discrepancy indicate what evidence you have. This will help support your reconsideration challenge.


ESA– Employment Support Allowance

DLA– Disability Living Allowance

JSA– Job Seekers Allowance

JCP– Job Centre Plus

PIP– Personal Independence Payment

HCP– Health Care Provider

GP– General practitioner

CAB– Citizens Advice bureau

Make sure to make copies of all documents you are to supply and are asking for. Keep all relating documents in one file, when writing down names and contact info for the different department advisers you will be corresponding with make sure to write down correspondence dates for your own records.

Difficulties you may face when attempting to challenge the decision to stop your benefits

Calls to the various benefits agency departments are answered by an automated service, you will spend quite some time on hold, if you decide to pay a visit to the JCP to request the GL24 form you will be advised that in fact this form is no longer in use and that you now have to requests for a reconsideration or appeal in writing. Your request is to be sent to the department who wrote to inform you of the decision to stop your benefits. As for the ESA85 report you will also find that this is also not available and that you need to call DWP to get a copy of the report sent directly to your home address.

Now here’s the thing, you need to take note of the date your benefit was stopped, and act immediately, you have only one month from the date of the letter to gather additional evidence from your GP. You also have to make the time to get assistance from the citizen’s advice bureau or your local welfare rights office. You have to contact your housing officer and inform them of the change in your circumstance, and also you will need to apply to be put on the assessment rate wile you are waiting for a reconsideration or appeal. This option is not a guarantee that your benefits will be reinstated.

The assessment rate will insure your previous Housing Benefit and or Council Tax entitlements are paid wile your disputing the decision to stop your benefits. This process will not be sorted out in one day. Be patient stay focused and get advice.

Relevant Links http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/employment-and-support-allowance/esa-appeals/mandatoryreconsiderations#mr5 http://www.atoshealthcare.com/claimants/types_of_assessment_esa_wca

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