Vulnerable Incapacity Claimants Are Being Re- Labeled As Former ESA Claimants!

We Have Peeped a Problem!

Benefit Payment Delays

Benefit claimants that have been struck off incapacity benefits as a result of attending the ATOS Assessment meeting are finding them selves left in limbo.

Hear are my findings

Once your benefits have been stopped you will be advised to Contact the JSA and to claim Job Seekers Allowance. Once you get to the Job Center you are told to wait for them to contact you be sending a text message that will give you the time and date to attend the Job Centre.

Once you attend the Job Centre appointment, you will then  be presented with a form to fill-in, You will be asked to provide evidence of income and what you have been living on from the last date you received a benefit payment. You will also be asked to provide documentary evidence of any finances you or any one else whom resides in your household have.


If you have a non-dependent living at home and are not in full time education or in employment, you will need to provide there Benefits Award Statement. If they are working you will need to provide current Pay Slips.

It has come to my attention that a growing number of People that have recently been struck off Incapacity Benefits are being told there ESA has been stopped!


At no time had any of these people received ESA!

They had been receiving Incapacity Benefits, and advised by the DWP to now go and apply for JSA,

Job Center Plus has been accepting these people as new claimants, reconsideration requests are not being sent out with in the allocated one month from the date the request was originally made, meaning’ if your request was denied and you had not been sent a letter informing you of the decision with in that time frame you more than likely have missed the opportunity to pursue an appeal.

The delay will have a detrimental affect other benefits you might be claiming such as Housing Benefits or Council Tax. You will find that your original claim had been suspended and stopped in the time you had been patiently waiting a response.

Now if you like many are not familer with the signing on process you will not know that wile you have been attending the Job Center once or twice a week as requested by your adviser, you are not actually signed on until you fill in and sign an employment agreement. You will not receive a payment until you complete this process.

It would seem there is a glitch in the processing of people struck off incapacity benefits

Vulnerable incapacity claimants are being re- labeled as former ESA claimants! Would this not be detrimental to the out come of reconsideration and appeal requests?

Could this be how the DWP intend to treat vulnerable people, or is this how they are evaluated and given no points what so ever?

Inaccurate evaluation and processing left many in limbo with absolutely zero income, these people are still required to attend the Job Center Plus once or twice a week only to discover they have been scored and incorrectly evaluated.

The time spent signing on will not lead to a payment for at least 3 to 6 weeks. Your claim will only start from the date this mistake is realised

Be mindful of your Housing Benefits, as you are required to reclaimed for that too. If you intend to contest the decision to stop your benefit you can contact the Housing benefits and Council Tax department and request to remain on the assessment rate wile you are going through the process of asking for a review.

I advise you to get assistance from friends and family to help you if you are not familiar with computers and the Internet as you will need to upload all requested evidence such as proof of your household Income, Banks Statements and a Benefit Award Statements for  anyone else residing in your home like a child who is considered to be a non dependent (young adult.)

Important To Remember 

If you are considering to post requested evidence to the DWP JOB Center Housing Benefits and Council Tax offices understand that there are unusual postal delays regarding document sent in by post!

if you choose this rout please be sure to first copy and keep one of every thing your intending to send in and also be sure to record delivery any post you intend to send. Keep receipts in a safe place.

You will definitely need this to back you up at a later date. Keep all correspondence letters from any Benefit providers in a folder, as you will find you need to refer back to them through out the process. Also very important to remember to ask the names of the advisers you are talking with, note the date down and all so the time of the calls you make. Keeping you informed 

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