Relocating Londoners!

Can you still afford to live in London!

Soon local councils will be making deals with private landlords

The responsibility of a local council to re house families evicted from social housing properties will be no longer!

It is no secret times are hard, and money’s tight, regardless pay your rent, skimming to make ends meet will lead to arrears, I don’t need to tell you what happened once arrests are over £900.
Are you a Private property tenant in receipt of housing benefits
Understand no longer will it matter if you haven’t missed a rent payment, many landlords see tenants in receipt of benefits as high risk and have set about evicting people

problems now are agent fees have sky rocketed, you will need at least two forms of identification be employed for 6 months or more, not to mention the references you will need from previous landlords. You will need to insure you have the money to cover any agent fees and the deposit,

unfortunately, landlords are aware of the cuts to benefits and have begun to evict tenants receiving Housing Support. they know there tenants will no longer be able to pay the shortfall created by the cut to housing benefits.

in a growing number of cases more than half of a family’s benefit have been slashed.

if you are in private accommodation and have a short term lease you need to prepare your self, this could happen to you!

Councils no longer give out permeant tenancy agreements! Private landlords only lease property’s for short periods at a time, this can be anything from 6 months to 2 years

Local borough councils are embarking on deals with the private sector landlords guaranteeing  to cover initial fees in exchange for housing homeless families that are currently on the councils waiting list or in priority positions.

IThe deals are wide speed and you could find your self having no olyernative than to move out of London, if you refuse the offers made the council will then have no further obligation to assist you in finding suitable accommodation, you will from that point on be valued as making your self intentionally homeless.

There’s a lot more to the story but for now if this situation could affect you then I suggest you look into it.

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Blustylz Keeping you informed


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