Just a little heads up

Digital Sales Tax

Added Charges

From The 1st Of January UK Ecommerce Traders Selling To Customers In Other EU Countries Must Now Charge VAT!

Small self employed or Sole Traders that have a l Ecommerce business selling anything from Music  to training videos to other EU counteries will now need to get VAT registered

You will be responsible for looking up the VAT rate for each and every country your customers come from before applying it to your product sale price. You will be responsible for the collection of your customer’s personal data. You do not need to register for data protection if you intend to only use the data for purposes such as accounting.

To Much To Soon

Don’t stress you can always use an established online store to sell your products for you; all you need is to kick back and collect your cut.

Putting your prices up by 20% to cover the VAT charge might loose you a few customers. It might be a good idea to use a flat rate scheme, there are a few options out there so i suggest you find out the all you can before you find you self in debt to the HMRC

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