Prepare for the Test

When applying for vacancies direct from a company’s website you will be asked to subscribe and to consent to   Psychometrical testing. imagesYour details can be kept on file for up to 6 months. In many instances, you will not be permitted to re-apply for other vacancies within the same company within the stipulated time frame.


Employee Screening

Screening methods are used to determine Job Seekers eligibility for the vacancy applied for. Employers want to avoid hiring people that might not be suitable for the jobs applied for.

Background Checks

Employers’ conduct background checks that can reveal Criminal, Credit, Work and Payment History. Background tests are typically performed before an offer of employment is made. Employers cannot access your criminal records and credit reports without your consent.

Need To know

Signing up to an employer’s company Website and Adhering to the application process is subject to terms and conditions, once accepted you will have given your consent!


Most Employers have broken up the recruitment of Job Seekers into stages. Example Application Screening- Interview- Psychometric Assessment, Drug Screening and a Health assessment Usually an employer will only send an applicant to take Drug, Alcohol Health screening once an offer of employment has been made.

Current Tests Used By Recruiters/Employers 

PHYSICAL EXAM– The physical exam is usually required only after an offer of employment has been made and must be related to the job itself.

SKILLS-BASED TESTS– Skills-based tests are to verify you have the skills you say you have, as well as the skills that are required to do the job.

APTITUDE TEST– Aptitude tests are used to predict future performance with a particular job. The test format can be a written or oral exam

INTEGRITY TEST– The Integrity tests explores the behaviour of potential employees, how honest or trustworthy a potential employee may be.

NUMERICAL TEST– Numeric tests evaluates your general intelligence, by monitoring Critical Reasoning of Percentages, Math/Finances and more

There are many test preparation options available online to help you to get an idea of the kinds of questions and time restrictions you will be subjected to. The following is a great place to start self-training:

If you are finding it difficult to get pass these tests, you can familiarise yourself by taking a few free online tests to help you get a feel for what will be required of you when applying for future vacancies.

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