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Who are we? Why are we doing this?


We are freethinking creative individuals that have a real concern for the well being of vulnerable people and our communities. new initiatives in the short term will have a devastating affect across all sections of our communities. We refuse to it idly by watching vulnerable people face a growing number of economical hardships. Social reforms can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress to unemployed and low-income earners. It can be very hard to get your mind right to deal with difficult situations, so here we are rolling up our sleeves supporting people by utilizing our life skills to assist people into work education, self-employment and skills based training.

With love people


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Jgtcre8solutions would like to say a Big Thank you to Sharon from The Legal Beagles  for all the  help and support given to me in my time of need http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/showthread.php?33091-Hello-Legal-Begals