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Plans in motion

There is a need for intervention in our communities. We are here to roll up our sleeves and help people by utilising our experience and life skills.

Our objectives is to address social issues and prepare people to become desirable candidate for employment in the new job market, whether it be self-employment or skills based training we want to Limit involvement in anti social activities and raise the wellbeing of our societies in doing so. We refuse to sit idly by and watch the demise of society. Our communities are in a state of emergency.

There are people that cannot work due to caring responsibilities or ill health. Others work and cannot afford to cover basic living expenses. Employers are using advanced screening methods and tests for low level positions. People are at risk of acting negatively out of hopeless desperation.

Homelessness –Poverty- Crime- Drugs–Mental health- could devastate our communities

Domestic-Physical-Mental-Emotional-Spousal and Substance abuse is calming lives in our very own communities

There is a growing silence murmur of unrest in the atmosphere. Our civil liberties are at stake. We have the important task of coming together for the greater good of our selves and our communities. Put your thinking caps on roll up our sleeves we need your help on this one.
According to Guardians economics editor Larry Elliott, The International Labour Organisation has warned that a jobs crisis caused by the slowdown in the global economy threatens a wave of widespread social unrest engulfing both rich and poor countries.

Since 2010 Similarly, 58 per cent of countries show an increase in the percentage of people who report a worsening of standards of living. The worsening employment and social outlook, in turn, is affecting economic growth. In advanced economies, household consumption – a key engine of growth – is subdued as workers become more pessimistic about their employment and wage prospects.

Indicators for the United States and several European countries suggest
that workers expect stagnating or even falling wages. The uncertain demand outlook, combined with continued weaknesses in the financial system of advanced economies, is depressing investment in all countries, including in emerging and developing economies that rely primarily on exports for growth and job creation.
View full report: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/nov/11/eurozone-crisis-impact-uk
We are in the process of realistically addressing intricate issues facing suburban Londoners. We welcome likeminded individuals to join us Email: blustylz@hotmail.com



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There is a growing number of people struck off Job Seeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support and Housing Benefits for failing to meet the requirement of the skills training Work Related Activity Groups.

From January 2013, our Government will fund Health and Safety at Work, Food Hygiene, First Aid at Work and Fork Lift Truck course for individuals in receipt of Jobseekers’ Allowance and those in the Work Related Activity Group of the Employment and Support Allowance to help unemployed people find sustainable employment.

Unfortunately Level 1-4 will not provide access to Higher Vocational Qualifications unless you sort through a level 5 Apprentership programs that requires you to have previous qualifications such as maths and english

We believe some people recently struck off benefit need further assistance to help them to realise the value of the opportunity to gain work based skills training and get recognised qualifications Or explore self-employment opportunities. Today’s job market has changed, if personal circumstances have hindered employment aspirations people will need to make the nessesery changes now to better there situation.


For more information view the skills Funding Agency Statement by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills 2012-2015:

Click to access bis-12-p172x-skills-funding-statement-2012-2015.pdf


Blustylz Galore Keeping You Informed xxx

JgtCre8Solutions  Together we shall find the will and create the way


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